Saturday, March 31, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday #3

Anyway, garage sales still aren't in full swing yet so I'm not really having any luck for my collection. Here is a picture of what I did get. It includes a Thomas the Tank Engine pillow and VHS tape for $1 each. A Jeff Gordon Pez I got for a nickel, and a vintage bus stop sign in which I lost a whole buck. The Thomas stuff is obviously for my kids. They immediately put in the tape and watched it. We washed the pillow and my oldest son is sleeping with it tonight. He really, really, really likes it. He made a point of telling me so. The Pez and bus stop sign were for my personal collection.

The bus stop sign is about 20 years old. It is for tarc, which stands for the Transit Authority of River City. This is the name of the Louisville, KY transit service. The sign is marked 7/88. The picture of the sign isn't all that good. It looks kind of orange in the picture bus it is really red. Now, for a lesson I learned and am kicking myself. Someone had taken a pink marker and drawn on the 'c' in 'tarc'. So, I thought I'd take a Magic Eraser and get it off.

There were a couple other small spots I thought I'd get off too. Well, after rubbing a couple spots and not really paying attention, I realized I was taking the paint straight off the sign. Argh!!! If you look at the picture, you will see THREE obvious discoloration spots. They appear as a darker red in the picture, but in reality, they are faded areas now. I didn't know it, but, the Magic Eraser has abrasives in it. My wife said, "oops, I should have told you that". Grrrr. My fault though. I should have known better. I usually ALWAYS check and read stuff before using it to clean and even do a small test. So, that is the lesson. Oh well, at least it wasn't something I paid a lot for and not something that is highly valued in my collection. I bought it more for the novelty, so, not all is lost. Anyway, a good lesson. I'll try to take a better picture of the bus stop sign and post later to show the true color of it.

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