Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday #2

Well, my wife, kids, and I got up early and headed out for some garage sales. There were only about half a dozen to go to. Nothing even remotely promising at any of them and they were all over-crowded. Looks like everyone is so antsy to get started on the garage sales after a long four or five month seasonal hiatus. But, on the very last garage sale, there was promise. There were a lot of comic books from the 70s and 80s for a buck a piece. I didn't get any though. There were a ton of carded Hot Wheels, all from this year most likely. So, I passed. There was a nice He-Man board game from the 80s I was looking at. It was complete and not played with. However, the box cover was less than perfect and very faded. He said it was $2. I passed. I asked if he had any more He-Man stuff and he pulled out two figures. The pair was 50 cents. I couldn't pass them up. Heck, I can't even remember who they are as I type. One was Stratos, I do know that. I can't remember who the other one was. Both need a very good cleaning too.

After that, I took the two youngest out and we went to a flea market. It was not a fun flea market for those looking for antiques, collectibles, or vintage type of items. It has basically become one of those places where all you see is incense, pets, velvet paintings, buck knifes, and other junk. Junk I am not the least bit interested. We then headed to the Antique and Toy Mall just outside of town. My wife and I used to have a small booth there a few years ago. I have found many items for my collection there. Unfortunately, I left empty handed. So, today was not very fruitful at all. Oh well, the hunt is half the fun. But, because I didn't really find anything, I don't have a picture for today.

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