Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Daughter's Little Ponies

The other day I mentioned that my oldest daughter, who is in first grade, has a My Little Pony collection. I said I would post her collection in the future, well, I think two days counts as "the future". So, here is a picture of her pony collection...a pretty impressive one if I do say so myself, although I might be a tad bit biased.

A few years ago she decided she wanted to start collecting ponies. My sister-in-law collected them and my wife had several, so, this gave her something to collect that she could associate with us. And, it made it fun for my wife and me. Now, she has something to look for at garage sales, flea markets, etc.

Well, about two years ago, I bought a display at a garage sale, painted it white, and put in my toy room. Ok, I think it was some sort of small kitchen pantry, but hey, it works. I brought her down and asked her if she knew what this was for? She had no idea. I told her it was for her to display her pony collection in my toy room. You should have seen her face light up. She immediately went and got all her ponies and we spent the next hour putting them up. Now, whenver people come over, they don't get to leave without seeing Daddy's toy room, and specifically, her pony collection.

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