Saturday, March 3, 2007

Welcome to Lightyears to Yesteryear

Welcome to my blog...Lightyears to Yesteryear. My goal for this site is to document various aspects of pop culture that interest me. From my 70s and 80s toy collection to cereal from both then and now to theme parks to cool signs to movies to tv shows to, well, pretty much anything and everything I feel like posting. The two things I am going to leave out are politics and religion. Ok, for the most part I will. But, hey, this is my blog, so, I can do what I want. I also want to post every day, whether it be a one line thought on something, a picture of something, or a diatribe, I want to post it. If there is something interesting in the news, I just may comment on it. If it is a holiday, I will probably post something relevent to the occassion. Lastly, I will keep this site family friendly. I want all ages to enjoy.

...And now I begin my blog.

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