Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Pez Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of my Pez collection. This first picture is a small Peter Pez display that my Mom purchased for me back in the 90s from the back of Toy Shop Magazine. Remember when that magazine actually used to be good? I have filled the display up with a lot of my no feet and discontinued Pez that are MIB.

This next display is just a floor shipper that I have filled with common current dispensers. Well, current up til a couple of years ago. I only wanted one of these, so, I thought I would get the Star Wars one since it is a crossover to other toys in my collection...those Kenner action figures.

This last display just contains all of my carded Pez. I really wanted one of those tall Peter Pez display racks or some other Pez rack, but, I couldn't afford it, so, I figured I'd build my own for much less. I just went to Home Depot, bought some peg board, spray painted it, put up some hooks, and screwed it to the wall and VOILA...instant carded display. I think it looks good and is a lot cheaper! I'm thinking of pulling these down though and storing or getting rid of them. I really want to scale down my Pez collection to only the vintage stuff.

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