Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Pictures of My Toy Room

Here are a couple more pictures of my toy room, or as my kids say, "Daddy's toy room". And, they know to STAY OUT unless I take them in there to look around. Of course, I always keep a couple of toys for them in there to play with. My daughter is really proud too because I let her put her My Little Pony collection in there. I'll put some pictures of her collection in the future. I must say, it is pretty impressive.

I figured since I had already posted several of my Pez displays, I'd post some pictures of other parts of my toy room. Notice how I conveniently did NOT take pictures of the floor since it is covered with "stuff". Someday I'll get everything organized and displayed. Yeah, someday. Enjoy.

Here's a close-up of the display. Some of the items in here are my Mego's, Big Jim stuff, Pulsar, and other random stuff.

I took the doors off the walkin closet to give me more display space. Here is a nook in the closet of some Rubik's puzzles and electronic handheld games.


HardyGirl said...

Way cool, Scott! We probably would have been friends as kids, 'cos you've got neat stuff to play with! I have Pulsar, Mego Tarzan and Big Jims too! I can't wait to see the rest of your toy room!

Scott said...

I am really wanting to redesign my whole room. Get the stuff more organized...and clean. I'm gonna go throw some pictures of my daughter's collection right now.