Thursday, March 29, 2007

Before Trivial Pursuit, There Was Quiz Wiz

We all love trivia games. From Jeopardy to Trivial Pursuit to Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, we are all captivated by our abundance of general and mundane knowledge. Ok, or lack thereof. Before any of these, there was Quiz Wiz, the electronic handheld game by Coleco. It had a plastic sleeve with a giant number on it signifying which quiz book you were using. You then would plug your game into this plastic sleeve which had some sort of computer chip in it. This game had a number pad, ABCD pad, Answer button, and Clear button. Also on the front were two lights--a red 'NO' and a green 'YES' light. Each plastic cover had a booklet of 1001 various questions. The quiz book #1 covered had general questions covering sports, history, people, television, and other categories. Each of the other quiz books centered around a different category from Sports to the Bible.
I really did love this game. I still have my original game I got for Christmas back in 1979. For whatever reason, I fortunately kept the box all these years. This is one of my favorite toys in my collection because it is the actual one I had as a kid and is in excellent shape. I remember in 6th grade when we would have reading time, I would bring my game and play it. This was truly my first introduction and love of trivia.

By searching the Internet, I was able to obtain a complete list of all the quiz books as follows:
  1. 1001 Questions
  2. The World of Sports
  3. Movies and TV
  4. People & Places
  5. Trivia
  6. Music & Books
  7. Math Mania
  8. The Book of Lists
  9. Greatest Sports Legends
  10. Super Heroes
  11. Disaster! When Nature Strikes Back
  12. The Ocean- Mankind's Last Frontier
  13. Energy- The Fuel of Life
  14. How Things Work- Aerosols to Zippers
  15. NBA Teams
  16. NFLPA
  17. MLB
  18. Guiness Book of World Records
  19. The People's Almanac #1 & #2
  20. Sherlock Holmes & Other Famous Mysteries
  21. Greatest Sports Legends- Volume II
  22. Monsters, Vampires, Witches and Ghosts
  23. Words - Used, Misused and Confused
  24. Super Trivia - Movies and TV
  25. Rock 'N Roll - Doo Wop to Disco
  26. The Bible - The Old and New Testaments
  27. Soap Opera Digest
  28. Ripley's Believe it or Not
  29. Celebrity Trivia
  30. Fascinating Facts about Animals


HardyGirl said...

Ah! But there was also the Omni from MB Electronics. It's a HUGE unit, meant to be played by 1 to 4 players, using 8 track game cartridges. It's like a electric game show, and so much fun. Ever heard of this?

Murph said...

Hi scott-- I agree with you, Quiz Wiz was/is still awesome. :) I've managed to collect units 1-29 over hte years, but still have never seen a #30 unit. Anyone out there seen or have Quiz Wiz 30-- Fascinating Facts About Animals?? Thanks!

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