Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We are the Freakies!

One of my favorite cereals as a kid were Freakies. I don't really know why since it has been so many years since I've actually tasted them. My recollection is they tasted like a cross between Quisp and Cap'n Crunch. Not sure why that has stuck in my mind. But, I do remember how I loved the cereal. I think it must have been the characters though. I still remember when my Mom bought that first box back in Missouri. We opened it up and found an figure! It was Boss Moss. Of all the characters to get first, we got the leader. My favorite cereal up to this point had been Quisp. But Freakies were so much better, if for no other reason, the toy. We all know that kids love cereal because of the toy. To this day, when I get cereal that has a toy in it, it is all I can do to NOT let my kids stick their arm all the way down in the cereal box searching for the toy. No telling how many pieces of cereal we wasted with each new box.

Anyway, I have been searching for these figures for at least 10 years now. Sure, you can find them on eBay all the time, but they cost a pretty penny. But, the only one I have ever found was at a flea market here in Louisville a couple years ago for a buck. It was a loose Goody-Goody (the pink one). Well, last week I won an auction for 11 Freakies figures all in their original wrapper. I got them for a great price too. Not really sure how that happened except they were sort of mis-listed. Not a single mention of 'Freakies' anywhere in the title or description. So, it was a great find. So, now I have a complete set all in the original bags. But, to act like Grumble, grrrrr, now I need to get them all loose so I can actually hold them and play with them. Some of the other Freakies toys I remember were the magnets, air bubble cars, and air bubble boats. You can still get the whole set of cars for pretty cheap, which I did get a couple years ago.

I think everyone had a favorite Freakies character. For me, it was Snorkledorf. Why? Because he was the very last figure for us to get. For a kid, things were really simple on what made things your favorite. And, I am telling you, I still remember buying and eating box after box just to get my Mom to go buy yet another box to see if we could get that blue Snorkledorf. And finally, we did. The names of these cool characters were just as crazy as the cereal name and were self descriptive of the character. The names of the other Freakies are Boss Moss (green), Goody-Goody (pink), Grumble (orange), Gargle (purple), Hamhose (octopus-like), and Cowmumble (light green).

If you want to find out more about the Freakies, there are several sites out there. But, the one I really like is This has a description of each character, the entire song, and other goodies, no pun intended.

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HardyGirl said...

Man, I never had Freakies. For whatever reason, I just never wanted to try them. I knoew someone who liked the Fruity ones, though. But you couldn't beat those commercials! Cereal commercials were so cool in the 70s. They weren't derived from TV shows or the latest movie; they were cool characters and stories in and of themselves.

God Bless the 70s!