Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Old Maid a la Marvel Comics

Here is an item I purchased on eBay a couple weeks ago. It is the Marvel Comics Super-Heroes Card Game by Milton Bradley. It is from 1978. I have no idea why I decided to look this up, but I did. I guess I was trying to remember different toys I had as a kid and what I wanted to add to my collection. Anyway, I won the auction and now it is in my collection, and I am very happy.

I remember playing this game with my younger brother all the time. Basically, it is Marvel's version of Old Maid. But, who wants to look at an old woman when you can look at Doctor Doom? These are over-sized cards and feature the greatest heroes Marvel had to offer back in the late 70s. Ironically, the X-Men were not on any of the cards. I'm not really sure why. You've got Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Fantastic Four to name a few.
We use to also play a memory match game with them where you flip them all down and then take turns flipping them over to find matches. Man, I loved this game. Really, it didn't have anything to do with the game itself but the awesome graphics. Just take a look at these cards. This particular example I won has a fairly decent box with outstanding artwork. The cards, however, are in nearly perfect condition.

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anonymous jones said...

OH LUckyyyyyy!!!! It's even got the Silver Surfer! Cool! I want one, too!