Saturday, April 14, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday #4

Last week, we were just too tired to go garage saling. Today, we got up and it was raining and cold, but, we decided to go anyway. Well, I sure am glad we did. The first two sales we went to, I found a lot of stuff. Here are the pictures of what I got. I got ALL of this for a grand total of $6!!!

At the first sale, I got a collector's tin Dominoe set and a puzzle ball. I wasn't sure what it is called, but I've seen them before, and thought it would be a neat piece to add to my puzzle collection. And, for 25 cents, I couldn't really beat that. I looked it up on the Internet when I got home and it is called The Orb. There was also a box of My Little Pony figures for $1.50 that I was going to buy for my daughter, but, someone else had already set them aside. Bummer.

The second place we went was an estate sale. This is where I bought a lot of stuff for $5. I bought some bicentennial crazy straws from, guess when? 1976 obviously. Remember in 1976 when it seemed like EVERYTHING had some sort of patriotic or bicentennial twist to it? What is kind of cool with these too are the prices tags are still on them. They originally retailed for 49 cents, but they were marked down to 39 cents. But, hey, I only paid 25 cents. Neat little addition to my collection.

This next item is of a crossword puzzle toilet paper. Remember back in the 1970s when there were all those novelty toilet paper rolls? I specifically remember my parents having a Murphy's Law roll and another one with football stories or something on it. I got this roll for 25 cents, and it is unopened.

Next is a gyroscope. I just may play with this thing this afternoon. My kids will get a kick outta it. The item itself appears brand new. The box is a little rough though. But, the graphics are cool and for 50 cents, I couldn't pass it up.

Probably the worst purchase I got today was this next item. It was a mail away for some Goof Troop PVC figures. I paid $1 for them. I'm guessing they are a mail away offer from a cereal box from the mid to late 90s. I wasn't going to get them, then my wife said, "ok, I don't want us to get home and you regret not getting them. You always do that and these are only $1". So, she talked me into it.

Now, this last item is the coolest. It is a brown View-Master. When I first saw it, I picked it up and it was $3. I put it down immediately. Well, my wife walked by and picked up this plastic bag and said, "did you see these"? I looked in and it was about a dozen GAF reels for the View-Master. Geez. I totally overlooked them. Thank goodness my wife was with me. Some of these reels had never been opened and most are complete and in awesome shape. The only disappointment I had is that these are all tourist reels. Too bad they weren't of Scooby, the Superfriends, or some Disney reels. Oh well. I'm sure I'll find them some time.

The other three sales went we to were duds. But, with what I found at the first two sales, I was more than happy. So, if you don't go to garage sales and you do collect vintage things, or really anything, you need to start going to garage sales. You may not find stuff every time, but, the thrill of the hunt is 80% of the fun!


HardyGirl said...

Oh yeah! I love View Masters! And I do have that brown one. I even have talkies! I have lots of different fun standard and talkie reels, like Casper, SMDM, Kung Fu, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Laugh-In, Star Trek, GIJoe Adventure Team, and LOADS more! I have the more current ones in my classroom, and my kids really like them. The View Master will always be one of my all time favorite toys.

BTW...I just about fell outta my chair laughing when I saw the toilet paper! Too funny!

Scott said...

Ya like the toilet paper, huh? Ya know, after I typed this up I got to thinking about the toilet paper. Where did most people keep these novelty rolls? On the tank of the toilet. So, when did people hold them? YUCK! I hope mine never actually made it to the tank!

BTW, when you mentioned SMDM, what does that stand for?

HardyGirl said...

SMDM= Six Million Dollar Man. I have a standard and a talkie for that. And the funny thing is that the talkie is narrated by a guy, and it's a scream when he does the woman's voice! LOL!

Scott said...

Ok, I feel stupid! One of my favorite series growing up! And, I just did a post on Farrah too! Aye carumba!