Saturday, April 21, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday #5

Found several items from my childhood today. I bought five games. A Dungeons & Dragons game, Kreskin's ESP, Perquacky, Careers, and a TV Show edition of Trivial Pursuit. Now, the only ones I'll probably keep in my collection are Perquacky and the Trivial Pursuit. We use to play Perquacky with my parents all the time along with Boggle.

As for the Trivial Pursuit game, well, I have quite a few of the various Trivial Pursuit Editions. They aren't that old, but, I just love Trivial Pursuit. The others, well, I'll probably just sell them on eBay or something. If I don't get anything on there, I'll just throw them in a garage sale with a slight markup. Gotta make enough to sustain my collecting.

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