Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meeting Disney's Robinsons

As mentioned, on Easter Sunday after we went to church, the wife and I took our two oldest kids to see Disney's latest animated feature Meet the Robinsons. My parents had just arrived from San Antonio and had driven all night, so they wanted to nap. Our two youngest needed naps too, so we left them. Anyway, we were running late so I dropped the wife off while the kids and I went and parked. We went at this time so we could hit the matinee. Well, when I got inside, my wife said it was $31. I was like, "WHAT"? She said, "isn't that right"? I said, "no"! I waited and asked and apparently, for 3-D movies, it is an extra $2. So, if you go see this show, be aware of that. Of course, then my wife and kids wanted popcorn and a soft drink. And, to top it off, the girls didn't want to share with the boys! WHAT IS THIS?!

So, we got into the theater and the show had started. Ugh. It wasn't that crowded, but, we chose to sit toward the front on the left wing. So, while everyone was getting situated, I ran out and bought two medium drinks and two medium popcorns. Of course, us boys had to have our Code Red while the girls got their nice little Diet Pepsi. Yuck! Well, those were $17+ refreshments!!!

Anyway, back to the movie. It really was cute. But, don't expect some overly deep plot. If you've seen any number of mystery movies, you'll figure this one out fairly fast. But, the kids really enjoyed it. The robot in the movie reminded me a lot of the animated movie Robots that came out a couple years ago. Not really sure why except that, well, it was a robot. The show moved along pretty quick too. Especially when you compare it to Cars. But, don't expect to see a lot of the dinosaur if that is what your kids are expecting. Maybe five minutes tops.

Now, a couple tips. First, if you go see a 3-D movie, DO NOT SIT CLOSE TO THE SCREEN. Second, DO NOT SIT ON THE SIDES. After the movie was over and the credits were rolling, we went and sat towards the back. The picture looked a lot more 3-D than where we sat for the movie. So, all in all, we dropped $40 to see a decent animated Disney flick where we didn't get the full 3-D effect. Story of my life.

But, it was worth it because when we got home, my parents asked my son what the movie was about. Take a guess what he said? One word...DINOSAURS!

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