Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter non-Pez Dispensers

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone had a great day and it wasn't too cold to hunt for Easter eggs. We did our Easter egg hunt yesterday, and it was cold then. Well, we got up this morning and of course went to church. Easter Sundays are always one of those special Sundays at church. And, along with Christmas, it is always more crowded than usual. Then, this afternoon, my wife and I took our two oldest kids to see Meet the Robinsons. I may post on that tomorrow.

Ok, now for the pictures. These two pictures are of a white bunny and a pink bunny from the Easter Bunny and Chick line by Ce De Candy Inc. This is the same company that makes SMARTIES. Everyone is familiar with those. This pink bunny is extremely rare and one of my favorite dispensers in my collection. There is also a yellow chick which I do not have.

This next picture is of the Easter line put out for the last few years by Klik. These were discontinued last year. The cards are pretty nice too. Fortunately, Klik has put out three new dispensers this year in their Easter line which I have purchased, but, I didn't take a picture of.

Anyway, I threw this post together at the last second. I know that I've kinda dropped the ball on posting this past week. It has been pretty hectic around here. I wanted to post today something Easter related but I didn't have anything to really take a picture of. I didn't want to post more Pez pictures, then it dawned on about Non-Pez dispensers? This should have been a no-brainer for me, but I obviously wasn't thinking. I have a rather extensive collection of non-Pez dispensers. In fact, I wrote a book on them last year. I may post about it in a few days. Ok, who am I kidding? Maybe in a few weeks. Well, enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow? You wrote a book? A published book? Cool! I'd love to see that!

Scott said...

Sigh. Unfortunately, it is not published. It is too narrow of a topic for any publisher to take a risk on it. I tried a couple and was rejected. So, b/c I know there is a small market for it, I put it in PDF format and sell it on a CD. Anyway, I may do a little blog on it in the next week or so.